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Welcome to Aurora Life Technologies, LLC
How can we help your business?
     Our company develops custom solutions to solve problems critical to your business. We design and invent customized new technologies for your business, solve difficult scientific and engineering problems, and can build and test experimental prototypes for you under contract.
     Our special expertise is in two areas: (1) single cell analyses by flow cytometry/cell sorting and the design of new microfluidic, portable, point-of-care diagnostic devices for use in physician offices or out in the field for environmental applications, and (2) development of biomolecular and nanotechnology-based sensors for detection of molecules, including wearable sensor technology.
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    Our Aims
    Our aim is to satisfy your needs whether it be scientific/engineering consulting or direct invention of new technology for you on a work-for-hire basis (so you own the inventions).
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    Our Articles
    Dr. Leary and his teams have published more than 160 papers and have been issued 9 US patents in the area of biomedical technologies and applications. Access to most of those published papers is available here.
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    Our Team
    Our team is lead by Dr. James F. Leary who has more than 40 years experience and international reputation in biomedical technologies. He will put together a custom team of scientists and engineers to work on your problem.
Why the mountain theme?
Because we are located in the scenic and historic city of Santa Fe between the beautiful Sangre de Cristo and Jemez mountains of Northern New Mexico - an hour's drive north of Albuquerque. and an hour southeast of Los Alamos.